Thursday, March 24, 2011

A well needed LUSH evening.

I always love Christina Marie's posts about her LUSH experiences so i thought i would do one of my own!

I have really sore muscles right now so i thought a bath would be a perfect way to relax and soothe my poor body. I have a box full of LUSH goodies so i closed my eyes and picked a random bath bomb to use.

I think the one i picked is called Think Pink. I could be wrong, i had to Google the name as i have no clue what it's called. Please correct me if i am wrong!
The bomb itself smelled delicious. It had a candy and flowery smell, it reminded me of cotton candy and strawberries. I wish i could have captured the scent and shared it with everyone.

When i placed the bomb into the tub it instantly turned the water a lovely pink color. There were a lot of chunks floating around which at first i thought were undissolved bath bomb pieces but after a closer look i realized it was multi colored heart confetti! I thought that was a super cute touch, i love the little surprises LUSH has in their products.

One of our cats Friday can't resist water so she was also apart of it all!
Overall this bath bomb was a really fun experience. I loved the little hearts, the color of the water and the initial smell. The only complaint i have is that as soon as all the pieces were dissolved, i did not smell anything afterwards. This is always a disappointment for me as I love products that have a strong smell that lingers and stays on your skin well after you are done. That did not happen here. My skin did feel pretty soft afterward though!
After the bath i decided to use another LUSH product i have not tried. They are called Token to the Forest God. They are little tablets that you put in hot water, drape a towel over your head and then let the steam surround your face. I am very exhausted so i thought this would be a perfect time to use it.
LUSH claims this product is supposed to make your skin feel refreshed and hydrated.
The product had a really unique smell, it reminded me of a forest and citrus. When i towel dried my face afterward, i touched my skin and it did feel hydrated. It also could have just been the steam but i think it did add a little extra.
On the LUSH website they state that you can put the leftover water in a spray bottle and leave it in your fridge and use it as a spritz/toner for up to two days. I didn't have a bottle to try this which i really regret!


Shadow said...

Ive been meaning to get some LUSH bath bombs I really want think pink now. The heart confetti are soo cute to bad the smell wasnt that strong. Thanks for sharing your going to make me into a Lush fan

siwing said...

i've never tried any lush products!

i love how you took pics of your tub !! so helpful =)

Katie Abshier said...

your cat reminds me of mine..She's the same way :D Love your blog btw. I became a follower :D

**OnYxStA** said...

oooooh@ i envy you for this!

Xisses, Onyxsta

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