Thursday, April 9, 2015

I have moved!!

Hi Everyone!

I have moved onto a new project and blog.

Glad to be back into the blogging world.

xo Kenzie

Monday, April 11, 2011


I thought i would share with everyone that i start an assignment tomorrow! I have been without a job for almost two months now, you don't know how happy i am! I have been getting pretty stressed out about not having a job, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

It's a temporary position with a huge home builder in the city, hopefully they fall in love with me and just decide to keep me =)

I probably will be lacking in posts until i get settled but hopefully i can keep up with reading and staying current with everyone i follow!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New items!

Hi everyone,

These past few days I have been working on a few new items that will be available for purchase. Thought i would give you all a sneak peek before i put them up on my Etsy store!

My boyfriend is working on a fun logo and banner for me for my Etsy shop, i can't wait to see what he comes up with! I really want to revamp the look of my store and make it a lot more fun. I want it to really represent me and my personality. Right now, it is far from that!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter nails!

I know Easter is still far away but it's always nice having an excuse to do a themed manicure!

I have always been so jealous of all the beautiful flake polish i have seen around the blogging community, though i can never find any for myself! A lot of the ones i love are all brands that we don't carry in Canada, which really sucks. I decided since i can't find a nice flake polish, i would have to make my own.
I was wandering around Michaels a couple of months ago and came across a really weird looking glitter. It's made from cellophane and has a really great rainbow effect. Anyone remember that Rainbow Fish childrens book?? It reminds me a lot of the fish scales the main fish had!

All i did was add the glitter flakes to clear polish and apply it to my nails. I think the effect turned out really great, i added a top coat of seche vite hoping it would smooth it out a bit. It's still pretty rough feeling but i don't mind that at all. I used a pale grey polish by Love & Beauty for a base color for the glitter nails. All of the pastel colors are from Joe, which can be found at Superstore. The colors from left to right are Butter, Powder Blue, Kiss and Faded Violet.

What do you think of the cellophane glitter effect?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tokidoki Gelato Balm and E.L.F Hypershine Gloss

I was in the city on Saturday and although my conscious was screaming "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" i went into Sephora anyways. I did really well, restrained myself from spending (being jobless will do that to ya) and only walked out with one item, which well, i didn't even pay for because my boyfriend treated me =)

 I have been lusting after the Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stains for awhile now. Seriously, how cute is the packaging? I picked Donutella, it's a sheer deep pink and smells absolutely delicious. The balm itself is so smooth and the color lasts for quite awhile. I am such a big fan of lip stains/tints, they add such great color for those like me who look silly wearing lipstick. I will for sure be going back to buy the other three shades.
I apologize for the lighting of this swatch, it looks more like a curling iron burn than a lip product haha.

My swatch order is backwards from the picture on the left, oops!

I was in Zellers not to long ago and came across an E.L.F section in the cosmetic department. I have never seen this brand in stores here, all the racks were empty except for a lip gloss set. For $2.50, i figured why the heck not. 

The set came with three colors, none of which had a name. All three have a very lovely smell and great shine. The formula is not sticky, which is a huge bonus. There is nothing worse than when a lipgloss is super sticky and your hair gets in it, then your hair is gooey. So annoying.

All the colors look really great on, they added a really soft tint and went really great with my skin color.

For those of you that have Facebook, i have decided to do a jewelry giveaway as soon as i reach 100 people! If you haven`t already, please go like my page and tell your friends!
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hard Candy: Eye Def & Baked Blush

I can't stress enough about how much i love this brand. All of the products i have tried are such great quality. They also do not test on animals, which is another great reason to be in love with their products.

I have been using a Hard Candy Baked Blusher for quite awhile now and i really love it. The color i am showing is called Living Doll, the formula is very light and easy to apply. It's a light pink color with flecks of gold. It is quite sheer so you can use it as a highlighter but it's also very easy to build into a darker shade. This shade goes perfect with my pale skin, it adds a really nice healthy glow to my skin.

Eye Def is a glitter cream eyeshadow. I believe there are seven or more different colors, i picked up Algae. The colors are very vivid and the glitter really lasts all day. Removal is also a breeze, soap and water take the product right off. I have been searching for a great glitter shadow that doesn't crease and go yucky instantly and this is it! I am for sure going to pick up some more colors, these really are great.

Does anyone else love Hard Candy? What are your favorite products?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Award - Kreativ Blogger

I have never gotten an award before, this is so exciting for me. Thanks so much Christina!

You must link 10 blogs
Tell them about the award
Write 10 facts about yourself

1.I am addicted to Coronation Street, we can all blame my mother.
2. My boyfriend and I bought our first house when we were 22.
3. I am terrified of aliens. The thought of abduction makes my heart race. Everyone makes fun of me but i start to sweat even just thinking about them.
4. I have three cats, all of which I consider my children.
5. One of the bones in my right knee grew in backwards, because of this is rubs weird and gets really sore if i walk on it too long. I had to quit riding horses because of it!
6.My childhood celebrities crushes were Ernest P Worrel, Ace Ventura and Marv from Home Alone. Please don't judge me!
7. I have double jointed toes and i can bend them backwards in a 90 degree angle
8. I do not like sweets/baked goods, sour or salty for me please!
9. I add hot sauce to pretty much every meal. I am addicted to spicy foods and meals don't taste right if they aren't burning my mouth.
10. I have an unhealthy habit of watching really awful movies and not being able to turn them off. Like hurt your brain awful, i just always have to know how they end haha.

10 Blogs I Would Pass This Onto Are:
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