Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patricks Manicure.

Happy St Patricks day everyone! I don't celebrate this holiday but any excuse to do a themed manicure is ok in my books haha. I finally had an excuse to use the Party of Five polish i got a few weeks ago.

Please excuse my wrinkly hands, they are a curse! They make me look like i am at least 80 years old.

I had an interview yesterday, now playing the waiting game. I hate that so much! I kept myself busy making earrings. Got about 30 pairs done! I also opened an Etsy shop finally, i will start listing items on it tomorrow. I had to figure out postage rates before i could do anything, what a damn pain that whole system is.


Christina said...

When you have your store up, can you send me an email?

Thanks lady


tiffyama said...

Soo green! I love it.

FOREVER '92 said...

such a fun st. patricks day mani (:
..and love your layout !

Christina Marie said...

Can't wait to have a peek at your store! I'd love to make jewellery. Your nails are adorable! Happy St Patrick's Day (even though it seems none of us celebrate it, haha!) x

Gemx said...

Very pretty nails! Can't wait to have a look at your store :)

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