Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curly woes.

I thought i would do a post about the hair products i use and love. I have frizzy curly hair that i have spent years trying to manage. I could not get my curls to look nice for the life of me, so i always relied on my straightener. This did not help my frizz problem at all, as all heat styling tools damage your hair over time. I dye my hair a lot too, which does not help at all. I have tried countless amounts of curl enhancing products but the majority of them just left my hair feeling greasy and heavy. I am very low maintenance with my hair and it has always been my dream that i could one day shower and leave my house with my hair wet, knowing that i won't end up looking like a poodle that licked an electrical socket by the time my hair dries.
Anyone with annoying curly hair knows how frustrating your hair can be but i have finally found a solution that has tamed the wild beast!

I am always on the hunt for a good shampoo that helps keep your hair color vibrant and shiny. Again, most of the products i have used were really heavy on my hair. When my hair was dry it felt like someone dumped a bucket of Brylcreem on my head, which is cool if i was Ponyboy.
I was interested in trying out some of Lush's hair care products as i love everything else they offer. I asked a sales clerk to recommend which shampoo and conditioner would work best with my colored hair and she recommended Daddy-o and Coolaulin. Daddy-o is a violet based shampoo which is good for keeping blonde hair from getting that brassy look but she said it would work well on all colors. This shampoo is SUPER light on my hair, you only have to use a little amount and it smells so good. It also makes my hair super shiny even when my hair color starts to fade over time. Coolaulin is a very light conditioner, i am not in love with the smell but it works pretty well. To me it smells like a Pina Colada that's had dirt mixed into it, yummy. My hair is always super soft after wards though. I would like to try another one of their conditioners to compare results.

 These next two products have saved my uncontrollable hair. After i towel dry my hair i apply both of these products and they have done wonders for me. I was recommended to use Redken Ringlet 07 by my sisters friend who works at Chatters. It is a curl enhancer that actually works. I still can't believe i found a product that does what it says. I only use about half a pump, let my hair air dry and i get perfect soft curls. No frizz, no afro, just curls. I love it. On top of that i add a tiny amount of Biosilk Silk Therapy, it adds a ton of shine to my hair and also makes my hair super soft.

And that's it! I finally have hair i can leave naturally curly without looking like i belong in an 80's rock band.

Has anyone else used any of Lush's hair care products? Which have you liked/disliked?


CarmenSays said...

lool i love the name of your blog xx

Sareezfashions said...

useful products.. we all should use it.. thanks for sharing...


Gemx said...

I share your curly hair woes! I just straighten my hair because I can never get my natural curl to not look scary! I really need to try the things you suggested, your curls look lovely! :)

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