Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aspirin & honey mask.

I came across this homemade mask on a few blogs and since I am always on a constant search for facial products i thought what's the harm in giving it a try. People were raving about how soft it makes your skin and that all your blemishes and zits will vanish. They say you will start to see results within two weeks. Sounds too good to be true, huh?
Aspirin is made from salicylic acid also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid. This ingredient is found in a lot of the acne products you can buy at the store. BHA is also an anti-inflammatory which i think is the main reason it works so well at calming and repairing your skin. If you are allergic to Aspirin i think its pretty obvious this mask will probably make you spontaneously combust so trying it would not be a good idea.

The ingredients you will need:
- Non coated Aspirin
- Honey (you can substitute Aloe Vera if you have allergies, or even just add it into the mixture)
- Water

The first thing you will need to do is cleanse your face before applying the mask. I use LUSH Aquamarina (can be seen in the middle of the above picture) as my cleanser. It is SO gentle on my sensitive skin. It's made with aloe vera, seaweed and calamine powder. I could go on forever about this product, well all of their products, but i will leave that for another time.
After your face is clean you can begin making the mask.

Step 1: Place 3 aspirin tablets on a surface you want to use to make your mask. I used a small dinner plate. I then put my hand under the tap and dribble a few drops of water on top of the pills. I try not to add too much or else is just turns to soup. This will make the tablets dis solve.
*I unfortunately could not find uncoated Aspirin for the life of me so the tablets in this picture are coated. After i let them sit in the water for awhile i took a spoon and crushed them. It can be a bit tricky as the pills are very slippery and they will shoot out from under the spoon like a bullet. I end up spending a lot of time in a race with my cats trying to get to the tablet before they do. Uncoated tablets would be WAY easier.*

Step 2: Add as much honey to the crushed tablets as you wish. I add around a tablespoon. If you end up adding too much honey just add tiny amounts of water until you get the consistency you want. The honey makes the aspirin stick to your face as well as the enzymes in Honey are proven to help rejuvenate your skin. Which i know is 100% fact as a lot of lotions/shower gels i use have honey in them and they make your skin incredibly soft.

Step 3: Apply the mask to your face with your fingers. I massage the mask into my skin as i apply it to exfoliate my skin. The crushed up tablets work great for that. Avoid your eyes just like you would with any regular mask. After the application i leave it on for 15 minutes. My skin is very sensitive so my face does get a minor warm burning sensation. It does not hurt to the point i scream bloody murder but my skin does get very warm. I was alarmed at first thinking my skin was just having a bad reaction and i would wash it off having a scab for a face. Not the case at all.

When your 15 minutes is up, wash the gooey mess off. While rinsing i rub my face in a circular motion to give one last good scrub. When rinsed you will notice your skin has a nice tingly feeling and your skin is instantly softer and smoother. You can now apply your toner and moisturizer. I use Garnier vitamin enriched toner. I have used this toner for a long time and i have always loved the fresh feeling it gives my skin. I also really love the smell. For a moisturizer i use Garnier moisture rescue. This is a newer product for me but it's very light. My skin reacts badly to most moisturizers and i usually break out really badly from them. I have never had that problem with this moisturizer and it has SPF 15 which is a bonus. Because this mask has BHA in it, your skin is more susceptible to the sensitivity of the sun so try and use something with SPF in it.

Now you're all done! I use this mask twice a week, i have heard if you use it anymore than that you're skin will become immune to it and it will stop working.

I have very dry sensitive skin with problem areas on my forehead and chin. My nose and forehead get very dry but they are also the spots where i break out the most. I have found all the acne products i have used in the past really dry out my skin and make my breakouts and redness worse. Since i have started using this mask, the redness of my skin has almost completely vanished. I have been using it for two weeks now and i am happy to say i don't have a single zit on my face. My skin is a lot brighter as well and i always have such a nice glow to my skin. I am so thankful i found out about this mask as it will save me so much money and i can now rest knowing i have found the cure to my annoying skin!

For those who give this a shot, i hope it works as great for you as it did for me. =)


Curves ahead makeup said...

Very cool mask ,!!!! Thanks for stopping by my page great blog new follower

jezebell_6364 said...

thanks for sharing, I'm going to try this. Thank you for following my blog and leaving a comment:)

G A B Y said...

Hey Kenzie, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have already tried this mask and quite like it. I normally use only honey, though, it works wonders on dry skin (=

Marta Valdés said...

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Miss*Kimmy said...

WOW, good recipe! I love hand made bath stuff, so much fun to make and test. haha, I had to agree with you when csayni g I looked like Vanessa from Little Mermaid!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for posting this! I've been reading about aspirin masks recently and it looks pretty simple to make, but I still would rather try someone's personal recipe before making my own :) I have to get me some uncoated aspirin now! (all I have is coated, and I don't want what happened to you and your cats to happen to me and my dogs! :x)

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