Monday, January 31, 2011

Practice makes perfect, right?

I tried out the Konad stamping system last night. I didn't realize it was going to be such a messy pain in the butt! Everyone makes it look so damn easy. I was getting pretty frustrated, then again i was trying it at 10pm, and decided instead of doing all of my nails i was only going to do a couple accent fingers. Before i received my kit I searched google on what brands of polishes work with Konad, as i did not buy any of the special polish. The list i used can be seen HERE.
A lot of the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear colors were listed so i tried a few of those first. I tried Black Out and found that it was too sheer for me. I happened to have another black, it was an Art Deco nail art bottle. I figured why not give that a shot and it actually worked a lot better. The Art Deco polish was a lot thicker than the Black Out. 

I used Konad plate M56. I chose the middle image as well as the heart shaped pattern on top. For my base coat i used two coats of Xtreme Wear in Twisted Pink. I then applied the Art Deco black to the heart shaped print and applied it to the tips of my index and thumb on both hands. It was really hard trying to figure out the best way to line up the stamp to my nail but after a few tries i started to get it straighter and straighter. I have a feeling this stamping shiznit is going to just take a lot of practice but eventually i know i will make it my bitc....female dog.
I then used Xtreme Wear White On to apply the bow. I placed it on my nail so that it was overlapping the heart pattern just a tiny bit. The white polish i used was a little sheer as well but i had no other whites to try. You can see a bit of the black hearts underneath the bows but nothing too crazy. Ontop i added a layer of Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope and then added a top coat of Seche Vite (I LOVE THAT CRAP!).

Once again this photo was taken on my phone.... I do have a nice camera i swear! It seems every time i do anything with my nails i am either running out the door after wards or going to bed. I guess i really don't have an excuse to go to bed early anymore, as i am jobless. Maybe i will end up being the next Nick Twisp and have a rebellious alter ego, hopefully without the gross mustache.

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