Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tokidoki Gelato Balm and E.L.F Hypershine Gloss

I was in the city on Saturday and although my conscious was screaming "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" i went into Sephora anyways. I did really well, restrained myself from spending (being jobless will do that to ya) and only walked out with one item, which well, i didn't even pay for because my boyfriend treated me =)

 I have been lusting after the Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stains for awhile now. Seriously, how cute is the packaging? I picked Donutella, it's a sheer deep pink and smells absolutely delicious. The balm itself is so smooth and the color lasts for quite awhile. I am such a big fan of lip stains/tints, they add such great color for those like me who look silly wearing lipstick. I will for sure be going back to buy the other three shades.
I apologize for the lighting of this swatch, it looks more like a curling iron burn than a lip product haha.

My swatch order is backwards from the picture on the left, oops!

I was in Zellers not to long ago and came across an E.L.F section in the cosmetic department. I have never seen this brand in stores here, all the racks were empty except for a lip gloss set. For $2.50, i figured why the heck not. 

The set came with three colors, none of which had a name. All three have a very lovely smell and great shine. The formula is not sticky, which is a huge bonus. There is nothing worse than when a lipgloss is super sticky and your hair gets in it, then your hair is gooey. So annoying.

All the colors look really great on, they added a really soft tint and went really great with my skin color.

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Charlene said...

The tokidoki lip stain looks really great, love the packaging - so cute, wish they were available here. The elf lip glosses look good too, I have never tried any of those, thanks for the swatches :)

xXxStundonxXx said...

The packaging on that lip stain is too cute! xx

Katie Abshier said...

What a sweet boyfriend. Mines the same. He bought me the Urban Decay primer potion since there was no way I could ever talk myself into spending $18 on one little thing lol.

I love the lightest pink lip gloss by Elf..need to see if I can find that one at one of the stores here.

Yay for a giveaway!

Courtney Erin said...

I recently got a pack of ELF lip glosses from Winners and was really happy with them - the colors all looked nice on and the gloss was just the right amount of sticky for my liking.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Gemx said...

The lip stain packaging is so cute! I love lip stains too :)
elf do some great make up and are really cheap, I've not tried the glosses, but they look great! :) x

Tracy D said...

I've seen those at Zellers but haven't tried them, I love that baby pink one! I'm going to have to pick it up :)

Kirsti x said...

Aw i love that packaging!


Christine said...

That tokidoki balm look super adorable <3 Love that brand :)

Thank you so much sweetie <3
xoxo Christine

Kayleigh said...

The lip balm is absolutely adorable! The E.L.F. lipgloss set looks great too!

Nina said...

that tokidoki balm is soo cute! ;)

FOREVER '92 said...

Aww your boyfriend is sweet!

I don't own any e.l.f. product -I'm loving those glosses ! (:

Ashley Borysewich said...

love your blog! following you now :)


Caramella said...

Great review I like ELF products! Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm def gonna follow your blog! I hope you will too :)

The Empire of Success said...

beautiful photos! :) If you want I suggest you go to see some of my Gucci! and maybe you could tell me which you prefer! maybe you could become my followers if you want it. :)


Karen Law said...

Hi Kenzie! I haven't heard of Okotos but wow, that's crazy how many deer there are right now this year. Hmmm....I wonder why such an influx.
Oh I didn't know Zellers carries Elf products. I was wondering where all the Canadian bloggers get their Elf finds from LOL Did you know a lot of the Zellers in Canada will be replaced with Target? I don't know of any Zellers nearby me anymore....so I don't have any Elf products but the swatches look gorgeous.
I was going to get a Tokidoki lip balm stain as well! I love how they're so moisturizing with flavour yet the pigmentation is really nice too :)

Kim's Vanity said...

I LOVE their packaging and have actually never tried their makeup before!
That was nice of your man to treat you with this. I love getting little things like that from my guy, too.
Do you live close to Calgary, where abouts?
P.S. Thanks for the award!

Cel said...

Eeeep the Tokidoki Lip Balm is so adorable, and I love the colour too :D

Wengie said...

I love that outfit!!
Much love,

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